Contrast Media - A Success Story

A Success Story

The Pharmaceutical sector is one where trends and technologies are in a state of flux. New break throughs in the world and Healthcare occur at a hectic pace. This demands for expertise and skill to stay ahead..

Contrast Media - Our Vision

Our Vision

We believe that the pharmaceutical business is today poised for a great leap forward. Truly innovative technologies with the potential to change the nature of human health and longevity have already appeared .....

Contrast Media - Research and Development

Research and Development

Formulation development will continue to be the bench mark of success at the newly ungraded R & D facility. Unique and tricky formulations have already been identified for development.

Our Mission

We will exploit our Zeal for excellence and spirit of innovation in the field of medicine to ensure our position a a premier pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation specialising in....

• Niche product and markets.

• Biotechnology based products and processes.

Thereby contributing to availability of high quality AFFORBABLE HEALTHCARE for the common man and meeting our obligation to our employees, investors and the shareholders.


  • Contrast Research
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Optimization/solutions to existing problems in operations
  • Developing of New Processes
  • New Product Development
  • Adhoc Analysis



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